We are evolving into the go to place for professional and creative learning.

In January 2019 we piloted 6 professional development workshops on Saturdays throughout the month. 

These workshops are designed to help Cartoonists, Graphic Novelists and Illustrators develop essential skills to progress their careers in the modern world and were open to all to attend. 

Run  by leading cartoonists sharing their top tips, wisdom and experience, each of the workshops was kept affordable in order to benefit the most artists possible.

We offered tickets for individual workshops and for the 6 workshop package.

Money raised from these workshops was used to  fund the Laydeez Awards 2019 and will be run again towards funding the 2020 Laydeez Awards.

To ensure you hear directly when tickets are launched, please email Rachael Ball ball.rachael@yahoo.co.uk


Hannah Berry: How to Promote and sell Your Book

Karrie Fransman: How to Pitch your Comics and Graphic Novels to Editors & Publishers

Simone Lia: The Why of Making Comics

Gemma Seltzer: How to run a successful Kickstarter Campaign

 Dr Nicola Streeten: Funding Your Project

Amber Zepellin: Online marketing & using social media