Wallis Eates

Wallis Eates

ldc wallis eates

London Co-ordinator (2015 -)

was shortlisted for the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Award in 2014 for her memoir about growing up with her single mum, ‘Mumoirs’.

She has since produced a number of zines and self-published comics, with ‘Fear of Mum-Death and the Shadow Men’ making the shortlist for the Broken Frontier Award’s ‘Best One-Shot’ category.

Wallis is currently crowdfunding ‘Like an Orange’ with Unbound Books which is a comic about the brain injury survivors she met during a residency at the charity Headway last year.

To pledge and support this project please visit www.unbound.com/books/like-an-orange



twitter: @walliseates

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