TRINA ROBBINS September Special

Trina Robbins
Photo: Woodrow Phoenix

21 September We had a special meeting to welcome TRINA ROBBINS, over on a flying visit from San Francisco, who came and gave us a wonderful presentation of women cartoonists throughout the ages, entitled: HERE ARE THE GREAT WOMEN COMIC ARTISTS, in which she introduced a whole slew of brilliant and talented women cartoonists from the early 20th century who are not included in histories and major exhibitions by men, and explained why.

Trina Robbins at the Rag Factory
Photo: Nicola Streeten

It was a rare opportunity to hear and meet this pre-eminent figure in contemporary American comic books, graphic novels and comics studies. She also talked about her early work as an artist, including her involvement in the first ever (in the universe) women comics book, It Ain’t Me, Babe Comix. It was an added bonus to have Shelby Sampson come along, who was a fellow artist contributor on that project in San Francisco and who now sometimes lives in London.

Left to right: Nicola Streeten, Shelby Sampson, Trina Robbins and Sarah Lightman
Photo: Lisa Gornick

A lively discussion followed….accompanied…of course by Sarah’s homemade cookies and a bit of beer.

Woodrow Phoenix (left) and Trina Robbins
Photo: Lisa Gornick

Charlie Bowden (left) and paul Gravett
Photo: Lisa Gornick

Thanks to Lisa Gornick and Woodrow Phoenix for the photos…

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