The Laydeez Day Festival

The first Laydeez Day Festival took place on 24 March 2018 at The Free Word Centre, London. We gratefully received support from Arts Council England to make this day possible. Thank you to everyone who attended the day including everyone who contributed to funding the prizes, everyone who entered the prize, everyone who contributed printed versions of their entries for exhibition in zine form in the Laydeez Lounge and to our judges. Thank you to our reviewers and reviewees, to our volunteers, to all the LDC team and the terrific staff at The Free Word Centre. Annnnd thank you to the following for the brilliant and detailed coverage.

See the evaluation report of the day prepared by Charlotte Bailey here 

Click here to see the Laydeez do Comics Prize 2018 winner!

Write ups of the day

A special thank you to Isobel Rafferty and Esme Bow MacLean who attended the day as our blogesses and provided a wonderful write up that you can read over on our blog page. Their article will also be available on The article will be available to read at

Thank you to Andy Oliver at Broken Frontier for his lovely review of the day and the work which you can read here

And thank you to Steff Humm and Josh Franks  who covered the day for Issue #28  Newsletter of Ink Magazine Do consider supporting their vital comics journalism work via pat

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