“That said, it is very difficult to be anything but grateful for LDC, because they’ve structured the whole award very cleverly to benefit everyone who enters, and not just the winner.”

Myfanwy Tristram, Artist & Editor of Draw the Line project

“It was an evening that demonstrates just why Laydeez is such a phenomenon. It was an extremely rewarding evening for us, definitely firing us with even more determination to push ahead with the book and see it published as soon as possible.”

John G. Swogger , Artist

“These meetings are great. It’s a chance for comics people to share their work, talk about it, and discover new people who have either been making comics for awhile or are coming from a slightly different field and just beginning to try their hand at it. And somehow the female emphasis seems to change the tone of the meetings. I’ve been to a lot of mostly male comics get-togethers where they all sit around and moan about how comics these days aren’t as good as they used to be (mostly referring to superhero comics), bitch about other comics artists behind their backs, and swap stories about how underappreciated and underpaid they are. The Laydeez meetings are totally different, there’s a very optimistic, forward looking attitude toward comics, with people being genuinely excited about the new things happening in comics and the doors that have begun to open in publishing and self-publishing.”

Sarah McIntyre

“This was a wonderful event (LDC Festival) that MUST happen again! As an outsider to the scene, this was the first opportunity I had to connect with a network of artists and women working in this area in the UK. Everyone went to so much effort to make all the artists feel heard and valued – so much so that we were all happy if anyone had won! I really appreciated all the press interviews as well that were organised for us. Amazing. It shows how a conventional ‘competition’ can be flipped on its head if organised by a group of stellar women!”

Akhila K

“If you’re unaware of the vital work and welcoming ethos of the international Laydeez do Comics groups then check out their site. They’ve made such a positive difference at a grassroots level for several years now and are fully deserving of your support for the work they do in promoting new comics voices.”

Andy Oliver, Editor-in-Chief of Broken Frontier