LONDON LDC 9 January 2020, 6-8PM

LONDON LDC: 9 January 2020, 6-8pm The Cartoon Museum, London BOOK EVERYONE WELCOME! GUESTS: Michi Mathias: Comics artist and illustrator Rachael House presents QUEER COMICS READINGS  Fredrik Andersson: Steven Appleby: Meg-John Barker:,  @megjohnbarker Insta: @meg_john_barker Stacy Bias: Holly Casio: Rachael House insta: @rachaellhouse Jacob V Joyce: Natasha Natarajan: @fml.comics @chikaboo.designs Pops Insta: pops_comixs Website:

LDC Dundee 05/07/19: ‘Laydeez Do COMMANDO!’

Hello, Rachel Davis from LDC Dundee here! LDCD's 5 July meeting, 'Laydeez Do COMMANDO!', was all about the women behind the comic series Commando: For Action and Adventure. This ongoing comic book series tells stories about and set against the World Wars. The comic has been in print since 1961 and in those 58 years, … Continue reading LDC Dundee 05/07/19: ‘Laydeez Do COMMANDO!’

Laydeez do comics: London December 2014

Created by: Evie Fridel Illustrator blog: Guests: Will Brooker  writer and academic, Professor of film and cultural studies, Kingston University, co-creator of My so called secret identity Chris Geary comics artist, illustrator and designer Elena Vitagliano and Asia Alfasi comics artists talking about their collaborative project

London Laydeez Do Comics, September 2014

Hi! I’m Pete Hindle, the blogger for the September 2014 London edition of “Laydeez Do Comics”. I’m an artist and part-time writer, living in rural Bedfordshire, and I’ve been coming to LDC for about a year now. Returning after the summer break, this was the second Laydeez do Comics at the new Foyles location. The … Continue reading London Laydeez Do Comics, September 2014