Can’t see a meet up in your area?

Become a National Co-ordinator!

Email Nicola at nicolastreeten(at)


  • Form your own community of creators in your area
  • Have your creative profile featured on the official LDC website
  • Amazing friendship building, networking & career opportunities
  • Build your organisation, hosting & promoting skills
  • Get inspired on a regular basis
  • It’s fun!

Here’s Charlotte’s story of running the Birmingham Meet Up:

“LDC has kinda (gosh this is so cliché but true) changed my life :’D

I didn’t know any local artists (or anyone, really), and I missed attending the meet ups in Leeds, so I asked Nicola if I could start one of my own in Birmingham.

Volunteering with LDC helped me get the experience I needed on my CV which landed me my first real job.

It got my artwork noticed, so that I was invited to be in the Inking Woman, and in the Cartoon Museum. I got flown to Angouleme to give a talk on my work, been invited to talk on radio programmes – and I’m not even published yet!

I’ve made some like-minded friends, not to mention met some amazing artists!

And I’ve seen members find opportunities and collaborations within the meet up, which makes me proud to see because I facilitated that.

I leave each evening feeling inspired to work on my own projects, having learnt something new each time.

Not to mention hanging out with the LDC team itself, who are amazing women and so much fun to hang out with.

There’s nothing else like it within the comic community. It’s incredibly welcoming, supportive and inspiring.

Hosting and organising has done wonders for my confidence, and now is a great time to get involved, as we still have Arts Council funding and big plans ahead.

I really do recommend hosting a meet up in your area, even if it’s just the once : ) ”

What’s Involved

It’s not as time consuming as it seems, so long as you have a system in place, and having a team really helps.

Birmingham meet ups happen every 2 months, London is every month, so it’s not too labour intensive (you just have to remember to do things in advance!)

You can do a one off Pop Up Event or you can make it a regular thing.

  1. Find a Venue (café, pub, bookstore etc) that has the following:
    •  It’s free (usually 7.30pm on a weekday works out)
    • Is set up to accept projectors
    • Bonus: is wheelchair accessible/ has a bar

  2. Invite 2-3 guest speakers to give 10-15minute talks followed by a Q&A on a topic of their choice (we have some guidelines for you to send them).

  3.  Promote the event:
    • Create a Facebook Group for your local meet up
    • Create a facebook event and post it on other fb comic groups / social media
    • Print some flyers/ posters to put in local cafes

  4. Host the event:
    • Tip: Have an email sign-up sheet to keep your community up to date for the next event

  5. Rinse & repeat

If you’d like to get involved, we will:

  • provide you with guidelines and tips.
  • send you an Induction Pack with guidelines to help you.
  • set up a 1-to-1 meeting with you with a core member of the team (usually Nicola).

To get involved email Nicola at nicolastreeten(at) or email a relevant member from the Contact Us page