Regular Local Meet Ups

Regular Local Meet Ups

LDC Meetups are the perfect place for meeting fellow creatives and comic fans.

We’re currently hosting regular ONLINE  meet ups, open to all, where guest speakers from the community are invited to share their knowledge, experience and projects over zoom, followed by a Q & A.

There’s always a mix of old and new faces every month, so there’s endless opportunities for collaboration and networking.

It’s proven that live events boost mental health and productivity, and these events are absolutely free!

You’ll learn a lot from our guest speakers and will leave feeling fantastic & inspired.

Book your event on the front page of our website here.

Upcoming Events

Monday 14th December 2020
Monday 18 January 2021
Monday 15 February 2021
Monday 15 March 2021

We will continue this strand of our activity on a purely voluntary basis, relying on goodwill all round so we ask for a £3 donation to join us.

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