Safe Space for Hard Stories induction March 5th


An induction to a curated online support group for autobiographical comic makers consisting of peer to peer mentoring, Q&As with guests, art activity, and chaired discussion.

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Do you feel the call to make an autobiographical comic or graphic memoir but feel a bit nervous about it? 

You want to tell your story but you’re anxious about the exposure?

It’s a paradox!

Wallis Eates began making autobiographical comics in 2013. She had no idea there were already people doing this, she’d been in a rut for years. Doing the comics got her out of the rut, but then she had to face another problem – she’d gone and told the world things that perhaps she shouldn’t have.

Or so she thought.

Safe Space for Hard Stories is born from Wallis’ experience of sharing raw material, and then her inner and outer journeys that subsequently unfolded. The vision is to create a buffer between the creative space of immersion and exploration, and the public platform. It will be a participatory space that is held by those that attend with mutual trust and confidentiality. Stories will be shared and heard. We will interrogate the ‘why’ of sharing a story and the ‘why’ of publishing – where do they meet, and where do we each sit on that crossover? The aim is then to provide support in whichever direction feels right.

There will be an induction day on Sunday 5th March from 1-5pm with the following itinerary:

Introduction by Wallis Eates
Interview with Dr Nicola Streeten about her book, ‘Billy, Me and You’ about the loss of her child
Participants give short presentations about their projects
Peer 1to1’s in breakout rooms
Time to write
Group discussion
Wind down art activity inspired by art therapy theory

Also offered is an optional 30min 1to1 with Wallis after the session for a debrief on an arranged date.

The group will then be invited to join the full Safe Space for Hard Stories programme, meeting once a month, allowing time for participants to build and gain trust with each other, as well as having the opportunity to use the regularity of meetings to inspire productivity. This will be £225, but there is no commitment to join after the induction.

There is a maximum of 12 spaces, so be sure to book your spot! The link to join will be sent to you prior to the event, along with details about how to put together your presentation.


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