LDComics ‘Set up for Success’ Weekend


Start: March 20, 2021 at 10:00 am Finish: March 21, 2020 at 10:00 pm

LDComics 'Set up for Success' Weekend #1

Reduced priced ( £50 discount ):



LDComics ‘Set up for Success’ Weekend 

20 – 21 March 2021, from 10am -10pm

Ready to professionalize your comic career?

In this practical online weekend residency you will be introduced to tools and tips to build, refine and expand your online presence and a detailed hands-on approach to writing your application for public funding.

By the end of the residency you will have

  • launched and/or developed your website and social media activity
  • be in a confident position to complete your Arts Council England funding application.
  • meet a network of stimulating creative people
  • have great fun!

This activity is gratefully subsidised by funding from Arts Council England.

Terms & Conditions

  • For Day 2 it is recommended that you have an initial project idea.
  • Cost: £100 (Concessions: £50)
  • The cost is for the full 2 days (no discount for one day only attendance).
  • The cost is payable in full in advance via the LDComics website booking system and is non-refundable.
  • In the event of the residency not running, a full refund will be made to you from LDComics.

Day 1: Apply to Arts Council England to Fund your Project

Saturday 20th March


Multi award winning graphic novelist, comics scholar and successful fundraiser Dr Nicola Streeten will take you through the process of applying for Arts Council England funding


This is structured as “free time” to work individually and in groups on your applications.


Residents will each deliver 6-minute presentations of their Arts Council England funding bid with a response from Dr Nicola Streeten to conclude the day.

 About your instructor

Dr Nicola Streeten is a UK based multi-award-winning graphic novelist and comics scholar. She is a leading authority on UK feminist cartoons and comics and director of LDComics – a women-led forum for graphic novel works. Nicola has over a decade of successful fundraising experience in the public sector within the fields of  literature, visual arts  and academia. 


Insta: nicolast.reeten

Twitter: NicolaStreeten














Day 2: Set up & Polish your Online Presence

Sunday 21st March


Creative coach, comic creator and digital marketer Charlotte Bailey will take you through the steps to making sure your work will be found and appreciated online. We’ll go beyond the how to and into the why and what for so that you have an in-depth knowledge on how to get set up for success in the online space.


This is structured as “free time” to work individually and in groups to focus on finalising your timeline and planned activity as part of your campaign.


Residents will each deliver their final 6-minute campaign project to the group.


About your instructor 

Charlotte Bailey worked as a digital marketer in the corporate world for several years before getting her life coach and NLP practitioner certification and becoming a full time creative coach & artist/writer, helping people on a 1:1 basis to prioritise and launch their passion projects online.

View her website: www.charlottemlbailey.com

Artist/writer site: www.charlottewithink.com




Here’s the vibe of our Weekends…

What past participants have said…



“The LDC workshop came along for me at just the right moment, mid january lockdown isolation having just hit its ultimate peak. A really good balance was stuck between meditative practice and practical work. I think the structure of the two days was well balanced also. Creativity and practicalities of making a comic were equally covered. I came expecting to get clarity on a work I had already produced but in fact walked away with a whole new body of work to develop.”



“I loved every part of the weekend, I learned something from each workshop and the presentations.  I am more than pleased that I had a breakthrough and managed to do a figure in several different poses that looked the same.  I had been having problems with that aspect of drawing a character for a long time. I have changed my drawing style because I learned that it is fundamentally the story that keeps the reader hooked.  .  I came away from the workshop with a knowledge of how to make rounded characters and a good comic story. All the tutors were excellent, approachable and so embracing to all, every one listened and gave out great information that really assisted me.”



“The LDComics Online Residency Weekend was fantastic in so many ways! Expertly held by the LDComics team, the workshops and talks where eye opening and extremely useful for everyone, no matter their experience or stage of project.

Making comics and working on a bigger graphic novel project can be hugely daunting, time consuming (and sometimes lonely!) and getting to connect with such a passionate and talented group of fellow artists was hugely enlivening for my own practice – even though it was online, I feel like I’ve made lots of new friends and a much bigger network.

Most of all it was fun – which is what making comics should be about!”



“The LDC residency was a fantastic escape in which to talk all things comics. The weekend was pitched perfectly for all levels of ability, and had a good balance between its art, story telling and writing sessions. The tutors were very engaging and made sure that every participant had opportunities for one-to-one feedback. Beyond this, however, the group was kept quite small and the use of breakout rooms meant that participants got to know each other and create networks to support creativity. Finally, LDC invited a publisher to comment on our work and to give us advice on taking our comics further. This was a brilliant weekend and I would highly recommend the experience to anyone looking to write or strengthen a graphic novel. I love that the residency was held on zoom this year, as it made the event more accessible to participants outside of London. Unlike some other zoom sessions I have attended in the past, the sessions required active participation through exercises and so did not induce the usual zoom-fatigue.”



Thank you to you and the team for a brilliant weekend. It has really changed the way I think about my practice and how I will do things in the future. I really appreciated the amount of effort and thought you and the team put into each part of the weekend. My personal highlights were listening to everyone’s presentations and the personal tutorial time, although I loved every bit of it.


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