Hear it, See it, Show it

Each week we will take a song, ranging across different eras and genres, and familiarise ourselves with the lyrics as much as the music. Through various prompts and explorations, we will then build a visual language to turn what we hear into a comic.



What: Each week we will listen to a different song or piece of music, exploring it to create a comic, zine, or series of illustrations. Through guided activities, you will build a visual language inspired by a diverse range of sounds across different genres, voices and eras, varying in lyrical content – and sometimes with no lyrics at all! Stories, mood and movement are all conveyed in music, song and comics, so let’s see where we go…

When: Every Saturday from 21st Jan to 25th March, 10 sessions in all at 2.5 hours long. You can drop-in or attend the entire course. See ticketing for details.

How: Via zoom, so you’ll need to provide your own materials. There are no specific materials required, so go with what you feel comfortable with, or maybe feel like experimenting with. The link will be sent to you with any added information prior to each session.

Who: This course is for anyone with an interest; all levels of experience welcome. It could be you have never attempted to illustrate anything before, or you do it all the time but feel like having a bit of structure and a group to do it with.

Pricing: There are different pricing options available, but please do contact me if funds are low and you’d like to come.

Please click on ‘Book Tickets’ for the playlist and to book!


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