Past & Present LDC Associates

Past & Present LDC Associates

Nasrin Begum- London Baker (2015-)

Nasrin Begum is writer with a background in anthropology, social work and family therapy. After 8 years in Social Work, she began to write the stories inspired by her working practice and studies in narrative theory, psychology and systemic therapy. For years Nasrin has been writing people’s stories in a report format. As a person who encounters people’s stories and works with them to change their stories, she would like to be able to voice their experiences, in fictional but still very real ways. She has collaborated with artist Angela Wraight to create illustrate complex narratives about ideas and people’s lives in a different, accessible and creative format.

Paula Knight is an illustrator, writer and proofreader. She is currently working on a graphic memoir for Myriad Editions, shortlisted in their First Fictions First Graphic Novel competition in 2012. It will be published in 2015.

Her illustration work has included greetings cards, editorial and children’s books, with over 300 cards and 60 books illustrated. In recent years she has also become interested in writing, and her first two children’s picture books as author were published in October 2012. Paula is represented by Bright Literary Agency.

Paula Knight: Britstol co-ordinator (2014-2016)
Dr Sarah Lightman: Founder, London co-ordinator and committee member(2009-2019)

Dr Sarah Lightman is an award-winning artist and has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. Her graphic novel, The Book of Sarah, will be published by Myriad Editions in May 2019. She co-curated the critically acclaimed touring exhibition of 18 internationally-renowned artists, Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women. Sarah edited the accompanying volume, Graphic Details: Jewish Women’s Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews  that was awarded the 2015 Eisner Award for Best Scholarly /Academic Work and The Susan Koppelman Prize for Best Feminist Anthology, and Jordan Schnitzer Award. Sarah’s PhD at the University of Glasgow is Dressing Eve and Other Reparative Acts   and she is Honorary Research Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London.




Keara Stewart is a Camberwell College of Arts, UAL graduate. She makes zines about everyday life, with an interest in people, communities and housing. Keara recently edited her first anthology, A BIT OF UNDIGESTED POTATO, on the theme of bad dreams and nightmares. It has contributions from forty creators, many of whom she met through Laydeez Do Comics. Other recent projects include drawing the cover for the first UK Zine Librarians Zine and making a piece of work for The Bread & Roses Award Alternative Press Takeover Exhibition.

contact: / / twitter: @keara_stewart

Keara Stewart: London co-ordinator (2015)
Maura McHugh: Dublin co-ordinator (2015)

Maura McHugh is a writer living in the West of Ireland, whose short fiction has appeared in venues such as theFantasy anthology, Shroud Magazine, Black Static, Arkham Tales, Paradox MagazineM-Brane SF, and The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror.

She is also the writer on the comic book series Róisín Dubh and Jennifer Wilde, which are both published by Atomic Diner. Her script ‘The Nail’, drawn by Star St. Germain, is in the Womanthology comic book anthology by IDW Publishing. Her first collection Twisted Fairy tales, illustrated by Jane Laurie, was published in the USA by Barron’s Education Series in Spring 2013, followed by Twisted Myths in autumn 2013, which was created and published by the same team.

Lynda Rucker is an American writer currently living in Dublin, Ireland. Her fiction has appeared in such places as F&SFBlack Static, The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, and The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, and she has stories forthcoming in Nightmare MagazinePostscripts, and the British Fantasy Society anthology The Burning Circus.

She is a regular columnist for the magazine Black Static, and her first collection, The Moon Will Look Strange, is due out from Karōshi Books later this year.

In the Pines

Lynda Rucker: Dublin co-ordinator (2015)
MK Czerwiec: Chicago co-ordinator (2013-15)

Nurse turned comics artist and educator MK Czerwiec (pronounced sir-wick) aka Comic Nurse  is currently artist in residence at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. MK is also working on her first graphic novel, Taking Turns: A Careography combining oral histories of the AIDS crisis, graphic memoir, and watercolored drawings.
She is on the organising committee of graphic medicine

Riva Lehrer is an artist, curator, filmmaker and educator.

Riva Lehrer: Chicago co-ordinator (2013-15)
Maureen Burdock: San Francisco co-ordinator (2013-16)

Maureen Burdock has been creating a series of graphic novels that deal with gender-based violence around the world since 2008. Most recently, she has been working on an animated short film. She continues to incorporate both elements of magic and political awareness into her work.

Maureen has won several awards for her graphic novel work, including high commendation by the global Freedom to Create International Competition and top prize in the Judy Chicago/Through the Flower, Feminist Artists Under Forty Competition. McFarland will publish an anthology of the F Word Project in 2014. Burdock continues to exhibit her work in gallery and museum venues, and the art for her current book, Mosi & the Long Run, will be exhibited at Space Station 65 Gallery in London in 2014. Maureen Burdock’s work is included in the Brooklyn Museum Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art Base.

Vik JF is a Haifa based artist, working in diverse media and techniques. In her works, she creates and follows an imaginary community, whose members are constantly suspended between life and death, intense activity and total passivity.

Vik JF Haifa, Israel Co-ordinator (2016)
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