Nicola Streeten

Nicola Streeten

Dr Nicola Streeten: Founder, London co-ordinator, Director (2009-)

Anthropologist-turned-illustrator, Nicola is a multi-award winning graphic novelist and feminist comics scholar. She draws, writes and  speaks publicly  about comics; facilitates and delivers workshops and teaches and mentors  nationally and internationally.  Her graphic memoir Billy, Me & You, (2011, Myriad Editions) is based on her experience of bereavement  and was awarded Highly Commended in the Popular Medicine category of the British Medical Association Medical Book Awards 2012. She  co-edited  The Inking Woman  (2018, Myriad Editions)  complemented by   UK Feminist Cartoons and Comics: A Critical Survey (2020, Palgrave Macmillan). Since 2014 she has lectured at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London and Kingston University. She co-founded LDComics in 2009 (established as Laydeez do Comics) and it continues to  inform and has be informed by her research and practice.




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