LDComics Online 14th December 2020

In our December meet up themes included working collaboratively, creating graphic novels, being in prison, trans-racial adoption, autism and more.

(Fabulous ZOOM drawing above by Ali Hodgson   @alihodgson_design




Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom

Lisa will be shared her thoughts on creating Palimpsest, an emotionally charged graphic memoir. Sjöblom’s unaddressed feelings about her adoption come to a head when she is pregnant with her first child. When she discovers a document containing the names of her biological parents, she realizes her own history may not match up with the story she’s been told her whole life: that she was an orphan without a background.
As Sjöblom digs deeper into her own backstory, returning to Korea and the orphanage, she finds that the truth is much more complicated than the story she was told and struggled to believe. The sacred image of adoption as a humanitarian act that gives parents to orphans begins to unravel. Sjöblom’s beautiful autumnal tones and clear-line style belie the complicated nature of this graphic memoir’s vital central question: Who owns the story of an adoption?




Wallis Eates and Dr. Victoria Anderson

Dr Victoria Anderson and Wallis Eates will be discussed ‘Wings’, a storybook from prison. ‘Wings’ came about after they worked together at HMP Wandsworth in 2017. After several months working with inmates to produce short films about their lives, they were forced to destroy the films in an unprecedented decision made by prison security. However, they were permitted access two more times to take transcripts from the films. With words now in tow, ‘Wings’ could be written, drawn and born…


Danny Noble

Danny is a comic maker, writer, illustrator and author of SHAME PUDDING. She is also the winner of the Comedy Women In Print Award for Humorous Graphic Novels in association with LDComics for her book Was it… Too Much For You. SHAME PUDDING is published by Street Noise Books (Brooklyn) 2020, a graphic memoir about Jewish grandmas, anxiety, picket lines and rock n roll.She has published several comic books of her own and her work has appeared in many anthologies and exhibitions including The Strumpet, Dirty Rotten Comics, The Inking Women and Broken Frontier Yearbook. After a miraculous exchange on twitter she illustrated Adrian Edmondson’s first two childrens books for Puffin Random House and in 2020 she became a finalist in the Arts Foundation Fellowship Awards.

Shame Pudding

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