LDC West Cork, Ireland, November 2019

The first ever meet up for a new chapter of LDC in West Cork was a roaring success thanks to Dublin based illustrator Sarah Bowie our main speaker.

The evening kicked off with coordinator Karen Billing posing the question “Why are we here?” i.e. what had sparked the interest to come to the meet up?  Responses varied but curiosity and need for clarification on what exactly a comic was and could be was a reoccurring response.

Karen then gave an introductory talk about LDC and also attempted to demystify what one to one mentoring entailed, giving an example from her developing auto bio story and describing how working with Nicola Streeten as her mentor had helped her sort the wood from the trees

Sarah Bowie shared how she became intrigued with the world of comics at an early age and her personal illustration journey which very interesting. Everyone was fascinated with her presentation and how her keen observational sketches are made on a Dublin bus on the way to work.  Later, over a cup of tea Sarah showed eager participants her wonderfully observed notebooks and some of the tools of her trade watercolour/inks/brushes.https://sarahbowie.com/urban-diary

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