Thursday 12 December was our official winter party at The Cartoon Museum, London led by two to the London co-ordinators Nicola Streeten and Wallis Eates and we enjoyed a presentation from the wonderful illustrator and graphic novelist Sarah Lippett. As well as talking about her new graphic novel “A Puff of Smoke” (Jonathan Cape) which has been included in the Guardian’s list of best graphic novels of 2019, she also told us about her journey into comics. This insight is always interesting and relevant, as sometimes it’s easy to forget that people don’t just suddenly get a publishing deal.

We had a good crowd gathered considering it was election day and pouring with rain. Before Sarah’s talk and for our “question” we decided to take a slightly different approach. We asked what everyone’s new year resolution would be in one word. We then invited people to draw to their word. It is these drawings which document this month’s blog. It felt like…on the whole… we were gathering together thoughts of hope for the new decade. Many thanks to everyone who took part.

From all of us at LDC, we thank you for your ongoing support of LDC activity and wish you a happy holidays and good 2020 and beyond xx

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