LDC Dundee – ZINES!

LDC Dundee Logo by Anna Morozova
Colours by Rebecca Horner

Hello everyone! Hailey Austin from LDC Dundee here. LDCD’s 3rd meeting on the 18th of October was an amazing success with over 30 people in attendance (and most of them new faces!). Our session was centered on zines and the power of zine-making. We had a talk on the history and importance of zines and then had a zine-making workshop.

We were honoured to have the amazingly talented artist Amy Galloway (@hesitantdoodle) draw-cument (draw/document) the event. She really went above and beyond documenting the event… her art can be made into a zine that captures the zine-making event! I cannot get over how cool that is. Her commissions are currently open!


We started the night with the question: “What is your favourite thing from the 90s?” and got some pretty hilarious answers.

Other great answers were “Me. I’m from the 90s”.


After the question, I handed over to Dr. Damon Herd for a talk on the history and importance of zines. Damon is the Coordinator for the Dundee Comics Creative Space (home of LDCD) and is a prolific zine collector and creator.


After Damon’s discussion of the power of zines as modes of self-expression, Olivia Hicks was up to lead everyone through a zine-making workshop. Olivia is a final year PhD student in comics at the University of Dundee and is an experienced zine workshop leader, zine creator, and zine collector!


Many thanks to Damon (@tickingboy) and Olivia (@missoliviahicks) for their time and effort and for creating a wonderful session! A HUGE thank you to Amy (@hesitantdoodle) for their amazing art, fantastic attitude, and continued support of LDCD. And thanks go out to everyone who attended the event and made it such a success. We could not do this without you!

Thanks also to my co-founders Grace Wright and Rachel Davis who have both moved back to the US after finishing their Master’s in Comics and Graphic Novels at the University of Dundee. Thank you for your continued support from across the pond and helping me with logistics at VERY weird times! You are both sorely missed!

What’s next for LDC Dundee, you ask? Our next meeting will be in late January/February. Based on the feedback we received after this event, we will be doing more workshops/activities with comics creation. We will announce all the details on our Facebook page. In the mean time, things are in the works for LDCD totes and/or stickers and possibly a LDC Scotland event next year. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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