Laydeez Weekend Festival 2019

The 2019 weekend festival took place on  30-31 March  2019 at Free Word, London  This was a development of the activity launched in 2018 at our Inaugural one day festival- Read about Laydeez Day Festival 2018

In 2019 Saturday 30 March was devoted to hosting the Laydeez Review Sessions. This was not a public day. Read about the Laydeez Review Sessions

On Sunday 31 March (day 2)
We welcomed everyone to join us for a day of activities!
This included:

  • The Laydeez Lounge: A display of all entries submitted to the 2019 Laydeez Award in printed zine form – Read more about the Laydeez Lounge
  • Publisher Presentations plus Q & A this year we invited 5 publishers personally connected to Laydeez do Comics to host tables during the public day and give illustrated talks about their activity. We invited Good Comics, Liminal 11, Myriad Editions, SelfMadeHero and Unbound. In addition we invited Gemma Seltzer from Kickstarter to give a presentation about how Kickstarter can assist our projects
  • The 2019 Laydeez Award Announcement and presentations, with an introduction from Andy Oliver of Broken Frontier
    read more about the Laydeez Award 2019 
  • Shortlisted artist Akhila Krishnan was commissioned to prepare an evaluation of this year’s festival, that we will put on the website when completed. With thanks to Akhila for the photos below.

Read about the Laydeez Do Comics 2019 Festival Evaluation

 Laydeez Lounge display (left), invited publishers’ tables (right).
Photo©Akhila Krishnan

Presentation from publisher Liminal 11
Photo©Akhila Krishnan

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