Laydeez Lounge

Photo ©Myfanwy Tristram

In 2019 all entries to the Laydeez Award were submitted digitally and as a printed “zine”. These form the basis of the Laydeez Lounge display. In 2018 we made the submission of the printed version optional and the development this year is to make it a criteria of submission. Our rationale is that it encourages professional development in entrants and Lou offered support where required in the process of preparation of artwork for print. 

Challenging a reliance on the gallery convention to exhibit comics artwork, the Laydeez Lounge display allows the audience to touch, see and read the wonderful variety of works being made by women in the UK. This is how comics should be experienced!

In addition it offers a low cost and mobile form of display, fitting neatly into a shoebox! 

Another new partnership is with Dundee University where the Laydeez Lounge will be housed  in the comics archive being created within the university, following the touring programme. By becoming part of an archive, this ensures that the works being made by women in the UK will become embedded as part of comics history in this country.


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