Laydeez do Comics London, 23 November 2015

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Links for Una:

Myriad Editions

Twitter  @unacomics

Una’s blog on drawing for the BBC for Woman’s Hour:


Links for Richy K.Chandler :

Lucy the Octopus:

Tempo Lush:

Forbidden Planet international– Best of the year 2014

Twitter  ‪@RichyKChandler

Facebook:  Tempo-Lush Richy K. Chandler


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This blog was compiled by

(Thank you Keara Stewart and Wallis Eates for inviting me to blog.

Thank you Rachel House for first introducing me to Laydeez, and

thank you Sarah Lightman and Nicola Streeten for inventing this

wonderful creative hub, and for being so supportive and welcoming

to all who meet at LdCs).


M.M. Kizi is a contributer to Vermont Views

You can follow her column Wondering Tales through this link

she and the editor (Phil Innes) are exploring different ways of posting graphic stories on line – some scattered weekly (Lily the Cowboy) – some whole (The Angels of


M.M.Kizi posts stories on Facebook – two frames a day (currently Rose’s Spring- previously

Lily the Cowboy and the Caboodle of Ideas)

And tweets #Twotions (Tweeted notions) every day   @watchoutmary

Her website is out of date- she is trying to catch up with that (just as soon as she can get to it …really she is…)


  • I find it difficult to attend the LDC events so I really appreciate these blogs. This one was great, so much to explore, thank you!

    • It was a real adventure for me – fabulous speakers (Richy K Chandler and Una-with their wonderful imagery) – glad you like it

  • It was a great adventure for me – fabulous speakers ( Richy K Chandler and Una) with their wonderful imagery – glad you like it


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