Laydeez Do Comics Leeds April 2016

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Edie Owczarek-Palfreyman, a.k.a. Edie O.P. (a much more Google-friendly name, she explained) talked about her ‘sunny side of sinister’ approach to story-making.  When she is running low on creative inspiration, she goes on bus rides, long walks, or watches films, usually of the horror genre.

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This is John Whitaker, curator at Wakefield Musuem.  He was here to introduce us to The Extraordinary Life of Charles Waterton, a retelling of the bizarre life of a very strange man from Wakefield.  John himself was the writer of this comic, and champions the use of comics and graphic novel formats in museums.  We can expect to see more historical comics commissioned by museums in days to come, and not a jot too soon.

His biography was broken down into three parts, with one artist commissioned for each stage of Waterton’s life.  John Welding is up next, but he did the first “cheeky Charles” stage.  Staz Johnson pencilled the next action-packed stage, and finally nature illustrator Richard Bell made the jump to comics making art for the end of Waterman’s life.  All artists are in the Wakefield area.

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John Welding lives and illustrates from a coal yard in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, according to his blog.  There are lots of drawings for you to see there.

This was written and sketched by Hannah McCann.

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