Laydeez Do Comics Leeds 30th September 2013

Blogger: Becky Kidner

Hi, my name is Becky Kidner, an artist (who unfortunately also has a full time ‘proper’ job!)  I gave a talk at the LDC Leeds in May 2013 which I thoroughly enjoyed! I talked about my main artistic practice which is my ongoing “Diary Drawing” project that I have been doing since September 2007, where I document every single day in drawings. I’m often quite behind, but I am determined to continue the project until I can no longer hold a pen! You can see the entire back catalogue of Diary Drawings from the very beginning, as well as other bits and bobs of my work on my blog: becky kidner.

This is a picture of me enjoying a cup of coffee!:


I am a big fan of LDC, I think it’s a fantastic series of events and so inspiring! I was very honoured to be the blogger for this event in September.

It was quite a slow start to the evening, there was a bit of a low turnout which was a shame, but still – I got myself an Apricot Sam Smiths beer (which I hadn’t tried before), laid out my pens on the chair next to me, got out my little Moleskine sketchbook and started to document the evening…


The regular ‘ice-breaking’ question this time around was “What would be on the postcard of your summer?” Some of the answers included: “Stuck in a Lab”… “Latitude Festival”… “Swimming in the North Sea”… “A Sun-Burnt Dad”…”Travels in Scotland”…  (see finished piece at the bottom of this blog post for more answers!)

First speaker of the evening: Julie Brown

Julie works at the University of Leeds and is conducting research on the varying effects and impact of a forum such as Laydeez Do Comics. Julie is collecting biogrophies through interviews and would like to hear from you! please email her at:


Second speaker: Annie Lawson

I have seen Annie at all of the LDC meetings I have been to in Leeds. She is a fascinating lady whose work spans a variety of mediums, including: knitted bees (that she sold at craft markets in her early days!), politicaly focused cartoons, illustrations for the company ‘Lush’, writing novels, making animations & creating amazing rugs! She also spoke of being an activist and possibly being wanted by the MI5!

Annie Lawson’s website:

Final speaker: Mick Kidd

Mick spoke of the body of work he has created alongside the illustrator Chris Garratt. They have collaberated together for many, many years – including a regular slot in the Guardian newspaper.

I really loved the style of Mick & Chris’ work together, the way they recycle old magazines / comics and other images to re-appropriate really interests me. Some of it reminded me a little bit of Art Spiegleman’s work who I am a big fan of!

Mick Kidd & Chris Garratt’s work can be seen here:


I’m very excited about LDC Leeds in November as Gemma Correll is speaking – I’m a big fan of her work so looking forward to that on 25th November!


There was a little bowl of sweets on the welcome table, so I grabbed a cheeky Werther’s Original on my way out of the door, and walked to the train station to go back home. Whilst on the train home I drew this man sat across from me:


This is the finished piece of work I made from my drawings of the evening, I put it together in a similar (if slightly looser) style to how I do my Diary Drawings:

LDC (2)

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