July 2012: Laydeez do Toronto!

JULY 25, 2012
A visual report by MK Czerwiec and Mita Mahato.

The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto served as a wonderful venue for the event.

After opening social time, Nicola called the room to order with the club gong.

Past-President and historian of the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto, Margaret McBurney, welcomed us to the venue. She stated that though the club had been founded in 1908, women were not granted admission until 1985.

After an audience introduction exercise, in which those in attendance told a cab story or a family secret signal story, ROSALIND PENFOLD presented her work on Dragonslippers: This is What an Abusive Relationship Looks Like.  She had an apron hanging from her waist.  By the end of her talk, it was draped on her shoulders, superhero cape style!

LESLEY FAIRFIELD spoke next about her book, Tyranny, which is a memoir of her long struggle with an eating disorder. “I wanted to make the kind of book I wish I’d had” she said.

NICOLA STREETEN spoke about her varied career as an illustrator, which included the creation of her graphic memoir, Billy, Me, & You. “Take risks and maintain integrity,” she said.

Before hearing from the remaining speakers, we had a social break with delicious cake.
When we reconvened, SARAH LIGHTMAN presented her work, opening by telling us that “Intellectual analysis and empathy are not an either/or thing.” She showed two short animations she had created.
SANDRA BELL-LUNDY then told humorous stories surrounding the syndication of her strip, Between Friends.  She talked through a number of episodes from the strip and had the audience in stitches.
Closing out the evening, NATALIE PENDERGAST, a graduate student at the University of Toronto, shared work from her dissertation.  She is studying comics that feature women’s coming-of-age stories and representations of virginity loss.

Many distinguished comics lovers were in attendance at the event. One of them was reporter Cinders McCleod. She created and promoted this special Laydeez-inspired article in the August 11th Toronto Globe & Mail. 
Yay Cinders!

Thanks, Laydeez for an absolutely unforgettable evening.

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