LDC Dundee – ZINES!

LDC Dundee Logo by Anna MorozovaColours by Rebecca Horner Hello everyone! Hailey Austin from LDC Dundee here. LDCD's 3rd meeting on the 18th of October was an amazing success with over 30 people in attendance (and most of them new faces!). Our session was centered on zines and the power of zine-making. We had a … Continue reading LDC Dundee – ZINES!

LDComics London is partnering with the Cartoon Museum

Hello and happy summer to you all!  This month's announcement is about our newly formed partnership with the Cartoon Museum, London  in its fabulous new premises (pictured below).  The Cartoon Museum by Sam Jacob Studio. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2019 We look forward to working closely with the museum team and are currently planning LDComics activity for the autumn and … Continue reading LDComics London is partnering with the Cartoon Museum

LDC Dundee 05/07/19: ‘Laydeez Do COMMANDO!’

Hello, Rachel Davis from LDC Dundee here! LDCD's 5 July meeting, 'Laydeez Do COMMANDO!', was all about the women behind the comic series Commando: For Action and Adventure. This ongoing comic book series tells stories about and set against the World Wars. The comic has been in print since 1961 and in those 58 years, … Continue reading LDC Dundee 05/07/19: ‘Laydeez Do COMMANDO!’

LDC Manchester launched at International Conference of Graphic Novels

Hello again 🙂 LDC Manchester was launched snuggled in amongst a packed programme of comics talks, panels, workshops, launches, lunches, discussions, dinners, roundtables, keynote speeches, stalls, and probably some other things, as part of Joint International Conference of Graphic Novels, Comics and Bande Dessinées at Manchester Metropolitan University. Now, I wasn't a delegate at this … Continue reading LDC Manchester launched at International Conference of Graphic Novels

LDComics Dundee 31/5/19

Hello and greetings from Dundee, Scotland! My name is Rachel Davis. I am a Comics and Graphic Novels Masters student at the University of Dundee and co-founder of LDComics Dundee!  On 31 May, LDComics Dundee had its first meeting. The theme was ‘Comics and Memory’. Below is an overview of the day with illustrations and comics provided … Continue reading LDComics Dundee 31/5/19

LDComics Bristol News

Hi there, here's all the blogs from LDComics Bristol this year so far. We've had wonderful talks from Camille Aubry, Max from Shake, Myfanwy Tristram, Lily Green from No Bindings, and Ben Dickson. Beautiful blogs here by Miranda Harris and by Tilly Barker. @miranda_harris http://www.bendickson.co.uk http://www.camilleaubry.com http://www.nobindings.co.uk http://www.shakebristol.co.uk http://www.myfanwytristram.com