Laydeez Do Comics, April 2015, London

I am Peter Hindle, you can see my diary comics here  I’m sure that, like me, you’ve often wondered what type of radio the presenters at Laydeez Do Comics would be and I thought I would be able to answer it in this short blog-post. Laydeez Do Comics was introduced, as ever, by Nicola … Continue reading Laydeez Do Comics, April 2015, London

Laydeez do comics are 5

I am Simone Lia. I am a comics artist and illustrator and the author of Fluffy and Please God Find Me a Husband! Both published by Jonathan Cape. You can find out more about me and my work from my website and blog I was invited to be the guest blogger for the big birthday...What better to … Continue reading Laydeez do comics are 5

LEEDS Inaugural Laydeez do comics, November 2012

Hello there! This is Emily S Rabone blogging for the first EVER Laydeez do Comics Leeds. There is a little bit about me at the end for those interested... (oh the suspense!)As we travel back in time to Monday 26th November 2012, back when we were busy dreading the Mayan apocalypse, we have a great … Continue reading LEEDS Inaugural Laydeez do comics, November 2012

July 2012: Laydeez do Toronto!

JULY 25, 2012A visual report by MK Czerwiec and Mita Mahato. The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto served as a wonderful venue for the event. After opening social time, Nicola called the room to order with the club gong. Past-President and historian of the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto, Margaret McBurney, welcomed us … Continue reading July 2012: Laydeez do Toronto!

December Laydeez do Comics

Hi there Laydeez.I’m Jade Sarson, an illustrator and comic creator based in Milton Keynes. I recently graduated from the University of Lincoln with a first class honours degree in Illustration, and am currently one of six comic interns at the londonprintstudio (if you went to last months meeting you may have met Shamisa, one of the … Continue reading December Laydeez do Comics