December 2012 Laydeez Do Comics Meeting

Laydeez Do Comics with Lucy Dale, Heather Wilson and Dr Anna Madill - 10/12/12Hello all. My name is Alison Lucy Stone, currently a member of the professional design agency and creative studio at Hoxton Hall, creating a programme tutoring and teaching 14-19 year olds in a series of workshops to raise skills, experience and aspirations of … Continue reading December 2012 Laydeez Do Comics Meeting

September 2012 Laydeez do Comics

I am Lucy Dale, this month's guest blogger. I have recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University and I am working on my graphic novel. You can see examples of my work at first guest was artist Louise CrosbyNext up was artist Louisa ParkerThe final guest of the evening was illustrator andcomics artist Richy K. Chandler