October 2012 Laydeez do comics

Medicine, Conversation and Comic Artists22 October 2012, at Laydeez do ComicsBy Sarah GlazerI am Sarah Glazer, you can see my work at  www.sglazer.com For a writer like me (who does not draw) and is a newcomer to graphic novels, the Laydeez do Comics salon off Brick Lane can be a revelation--a window into the ever-widening scope of … Continue reading October 2012 Laydeez do comics

January Laydeez do Comics

Hey all, faybird33 here, guest blogger for the first Laydeez do Comics of 2012. I write one page comic art mostly about sex, society, relationships. You can check me out at http://www.faybird33.com. I also run an online resource for creatives at http://www.wildanduntamedthings.co.uk.So, to the speakers. First up was Karen Rubins who told us about her … Continue reading January Laydeez do Comics