LDC Dundee – ZINES!

LDC Dundee Logo by Anna MorozovaColours by Rebecca Horner Hello everyone! Hailey Austin from LDC Dundee here. LDCD's 3rd meeting on the 18th of October was an amazing success with over 30 people in attendance (and most of them new faces!). Our session was centered on zines and the power of zine-making. We had a … Continue reading LDC Dundee – ZINES!

Special LDC Announcements May 2019

Laydeez Weekend Festival 2019 London 30-31 March 2019 Raising standards, expertise, representation and awareness of UK-based female-identifying graphic novelists. The 2019 Laydeez Award was presented to Niki Bañados Rosalind B. Penfold Award for works by women over 50 presented to Natalie d'Arbeloff Congratulations to everyone who participated! Read more... Sarah Lightman steps down from LDC … Continue reading Special LDC Announcements May 2019