1:1 Online Mentoring Scheme

1:1 Online Mentoring Scheme

Who else has seen your work-in -progress (apart from friends and fam)?

Our focused, supportive 1:1 mentoring program will inspire and motivate you to get your next graphic novel out into the world.

It will give you all the information and confidence you need to get to where you need to be with your project.

There is nothing quite like a personalised, structured plan  from a like-minded, experienced practitioner!

Details of the mentoring sessions:

  • 4 sessions 
  • one-hour long each
  • online ZOOM/Skype/Whereby calls 
  • we set agreed times over a six month period
  • delivered by members of the LDComics team (all a bunch of notable comic professionals) 

 The minimum fee is £220 for a series of four 1-hour sessions.

Mentors who are currently available include: Jenny Robins, Zara Slattery, Sabba Khan, Lucy Sullivan, Emily Haworth-Booth,
Rachael Ball, Emma Burleigh,
Wallis Eates, Dr. Nicola Streeten, Charlotte Bailey and Simone Lia.

This program is open to everyone, regardless of gender identity.

If you would like to work with an LDC mentor, please email Emma Burleigh directly as she is co-ordinating this strand. She will offer you further details of who is currently available to mentor you, and how it all works emmaburleigh1977@yahoo.co.uk

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