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Monday 21 Feb 2022, 7pm online monthly meet

MONDAY 21 February 2022, 7pm (UK Time)

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Congratulations to the 2021 LDC Awards Longlist

Sülün Aykurt: "Genealogical Clock"
Karen Billing: "Lizards Discard Their Tales"
Emily Bower: "Venus"
Sarah Bowie: "Socially Distanced"
Michelle Freeman: "The Room Of Stars"
Samantha Hall: "My Mind Is Free"
Leigh Hodgkinson: "Me As An Onion"
Ali Hodgson: "Jumping Mouse"
RT Jane: "Trust My Father"
Emma Johnson: "The Lost Book"
Bruna Martini: "Brainbud"
Clarrie Pope: "Love's Labour"
Judy Powell: "Ways to Kill My Mother's Lover (on limited pocket money and with minimum mess)"
Dimitra Rizou: "Me Vs My Selves"
Maria Stoian: "Forgeries"
Anna Trench: "Florrie"
Kelly Vassie: From The Bones Of Old Horses: A visual autobiography of Prussian Blue

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